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About Us 

Dog Dayz is the only fully licenced home boarding facility in Hong Kong! 

Having adopted two dogs from the Hong Kong SPCA, we know the dilemma that loving pet-owners face when they want to take a break and get away from it all.  We faced the same problem when we wanted to travel. Even for a short trip, it was difficult to find somewhere suitable for our beloved pets. Having rescued them from the kennels of the SPCA, we did not want to put them back into a kennel.  What we wanted was to find someone that could take them into their home to care for and play with them and treat them as members of the family for the duration of their stay.

We could not find this service in Hong Kong, so we decided to offer the service ourselves. 

You could not find a more loving home for your pets while you are not around. They live in our home with our family.  They get to socialise with the other dogs in our care and are walked regularly each day. We are excited to be the first and only fully licenced home boarding facility in Hong Kong!


Our mission is to make the animals as comfortable as if they were in their own home. During the hot summer months, the air conditioners run 24 hours and during the cold winter months, we have space heaters and blankets to keep the pooches warm. They socialise with other dogs, as well as people and children. They get to play and have fun and therefore will not be traumatised as many animals are when they are left in kennels.


Location & Set up:  
Located in the lush greenery of SAI KUNG COUNTRY PARK, the dogs have virtually the entire ground & middle floors of our home dedicated to their comfortable living. 

To us, your beloved pet is not a number, he is a member of the family!  Our main purpose is to make sure that your dog is in the best, friendliest environment possible.  In the hot summer months, our air-cons run 24 hours. The dogs are also free to laze in the shade in our garden. In the cool winter months, we have space heaters for the dogs. At night, each dog gets his own mat and in the winter, his own blanket!   We take every dog out for a walk twice each day up and down the hills of the country park (of course, this is dependen upon the health and age of each dog). Each time, your dog is guaranteed a good work-out!  Not only that, your dog gets to socialise with other dogs and is cuddled and played with throughout the day!

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Dog Dayz
Sai Kung Country Park,
Hong Kong,
Phone: 9284 1491
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